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The Growth Collective

Sep 13, 2021

We are knee deep into the great resignation.  Earlier in 2021, surveys said 27% would leave their jobs.  More recent surveys indicate as many at 95% of the workforce are looking for new jobs.  

As employees reevaluate their values and commitments, it can be tempting to think the grass is greener somewhere else.  And it might be if an organization doesn’t take steps to evolve culture and commit to creating a workplace the supports employee wellbeing.

My guest for this episode, book author, podcaster, CEO and Friday Forward blog creator, Robert Glazer, literally wrote the book on Thriving in a Virtual Workplace. Robert runs a 100% remote organization.  He has successfully done this for years.   In this episode, he shares lessons he’s learned along the way that support the idea that culture is not a place. Culture is built upon the vision, values and goals you set for your organization and your efforts to consistently weave them in to all you do with clarity.  

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