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The Growth Collective

Apr 19, 2022

Recent data (from January 2020 – a little laggy due to the pandemic) showed there were 580,466 people experiencing homelessness in Amerca.  70% were individuals and the rest were people living in families with children.  They lived in every state and territory and reflect the diversity of the US. 

Homelessness is a big topic that plays a role in individual and community wellbeing. In this episode we only scratch the surface of it.   The part that answers a few questions – what are some of the solutions, what are the challenges related to those solutions and  what can individuals and organizations do to help.

My guest for this unique episode is Treger Strasberg, founder of Humble Design.  Humble Design is an organization focused on chaing lives and communities by custom designing and fully furnishing home interiors for individuals, families and veterans emerging from homelessness.

Listen in as we talk through the challenges and rewards of running a non-profit that's making a difference one home at a time. 

Humble Design Website:
LinkedIn :


National: @humbledesignnational
Detroit: @humbledesigninc
Chicago: @humblechitown
Cleveland: @humbledesigncleveland
San Diego: @humbledesignsandiego 
Seattle: @humbledesignseattle



National: @humbledesignnational
Detroit: @humbledesigndetroit
Chicago: @humblechitown
Cleveland: @humbledesigncleveland
San Diego: @humbledesignsandiego
Seattle: @humbledesignseattle

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