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The Growth Collective

Apr 20, 2021

The title of this episode is borrowed from Seth Godin, a marketing teacher who like my guest for this episode understands deeply the connection between marketing (going to the people in an effort to get them to adopt behavior) and culture (system of values, symbols and norms that informs who people are and how they behave). 

Successful organizations have learned they must be clear on who they are and who they believe is a good match for their culture.  They have also learned the concepts of marketing apply well beyond the sales department.  

My guest for this episode is brilliant marketing professional Marcus Collins, Head of Planning at WKNY and Marketing Professor at the University of Michigan. Marcus studies cultural contagion and meaning-making to help those who aim to put ideas in the world that inspire people to take action.  Listen in to gain new perspective on marketing and culture and the steps you can take to use these concepts to create a culture that attracts and retains extraordinary talent.

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