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The Growth Collective

Sep 29, 2021

4 in 5 employees feel emotionally drained from their work, an early sign of burnout.

9 in 10 employees report their workplace stress affects their mental health

3 in 5 employees are not receiving adequate support from supervisors to help manage stress

This data from the 2021 Work Health Survey conducted by Mental Health America tells us what we already knew…Humans were stressed before the pandemic began and it’s only gotten worse. 

Many lacked effective coping skills.  And now, far too many are struggling. And others are powering through… buoyed by coping and resilience skills learned through experience or courses offered in the community or at their place of work.  

My guest for this episode is Tramaine El-Amin, the ClientExperience Officer at Mental Health First Aid a program of the National Council for Mental Wellbeing.  Listen in as we talk about the current state of mental health in the US, steps organizations can take to reduce mental health stigma in their organizations and walk through the basics of Mental Health First Aid – a technique for supporting mental health in any organization.