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The Growth Collective

Nov 9, 2021

Approximately 40-60% of our current state of health is driven by non-clinical factors. How much money we have in the bank, the depth and breadth of our social support network and the stress of finding reliable childcare all have impact on our health and risk for disease.   Organizations looking to improve the health of their workforce would be wise to keep this in mind – understand and address basic need challenges exist among your workforce – before focusing on improvement of individual health risk factors.

My guests for this episode understand the power of helping individuals meet basic needs.   Kate Sommerfeld is the President of the Social Determinants of Health Institute and she is joined by Randy Oostra, President and CEO of Promedica Health System based in Toledo, Ohio. 

Listen in as Kate and Randy walk through the steps they have taken to provide resources that address basic needs to those they serve and to their own employees.  They share the lessons they’ve learned through their partnership with Kumanu provider of the Resourceful app the two organizations developed together to help organizations understand what’s truly holding employees back from being present, productive, and resilient.

If you’ve been thinking your wellness strategy needs a reboot, this episode is for you.

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