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The Growth Collective

Mar 8, 2022

From the beginning, Ted Castle’s desire to own a company that develops its employees, has a positive impact on the community, and shares innovative workplace practices has set the course of their growth and their culture.  Over time this has evolved into purpose and principles that are not just words on a wall, they are the foundation of living the Rhino Foods culture. The “right thing to do” guides all they do and you’ll hear how it comes to life in so many ways in my chat with Ted from hiring practices to financial wellbeing strategies and proving working together for something bigger than ourselves is an extraordinary and powerful form of motivation money can’t buy. I also learned… A group of Rhinos is called a Crash. Here’s the crash course on what we cover in the episode:

  • Unique business practices that enable employee thriving
  • Lessons learned about inclusive hiring practices
  • How you can make your company stronger while improving your employees’ lives and your community

Connect With Ted Castle:

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