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The Growth Collective

Feb 28, 2023

50 years of research has shown an individual’s sense of purpose and understanding of how they matter to an organization predicts motivation, productivity and the performance of an individual and the overall business.   A lack of feeling relevant and connected to the purpose within a job or organization is one of the drivers of the Great Resignation, Quit Quitting or whatever term is being used to refer to good old fashioned disengagement.   This suggests that one of the most important steps an organization can take to engage and attract great talent is to help them understand how they matter to the organization, the people they work with and the work that is done.  

Zach Mercurio is back on the Growth Collective podcast for a third time to talk about lessons he’s learned through his own research and the work he has done with hundreds of companies to help them cultivate positive cultures that enable more meaning, mattering, motivation, wellbeing and performance.

Listen in as we talk about how mattering sounds touchy feely but it’s not, the power of making sure employees feel seen, the incredible impact of creating a culture that humanizes, dignifies and grows people and considerations for organizations navigating the hybrid/return to office world.

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