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The Growth Collective

Apr 5, 2022

Everyday organizations are working hard to attract and retain talent and in this tight labor market, they’re employing a lot of tactics to draw people in from signing bonuses to expanded benefits.  Behavior science tells us, tactics like this only inspire short-term commitment.  In order to engage talent long-term...the culture must nurture employees and provide inspiration beyond a paycheck. 

My guest for this episode is Charlie Malouf is the President and CEO of Broad River Retail, a large independently owned and operated licensee of 29 Ashley HomeStores. As President and CEO, Charlie has the distinct privilege of leading a highly talented team of over 800 Memory Makers (employees) in their purpose of furnishing life’s best memories.  

Culture takes time to build and Broad River is still a work in progress.   In Charlie’s words… you can’t microwave culture.  Listen in as we talk through lessons learned along the way and steps the organization plans to take to continue to evolve culture and Thrive.