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The Growth Collective

Aug 3, 2021

Some think culture is the soft stuff.  Come in to work, have fun, have happy hours and play ping pong.  My guests for this episode know well culture is about how an organization treats their people as evidenced by how they communicate, develop team members and create opportunities for them to flourish. My guests for this episode are Ron Alvesteffer President and CEO of Service Express and Gretchen Murphy Chief Human Resources Officer.  

Listen in as Ron and Gretchen explain why they putting employee happiness first is the key to their success, how they put employees first and why they believe this approach has led to tremendous growth and success including 100 new hires since March 2020.   This is a fun one…if you are an HR leader – consider encouraging your CEO to listen too or vice versa – so much food for thought in this episode!

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Connect with Gretchen Murphy


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