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The Growth Collective

Feb 23, 2021

What does it take for an individual to be resilient?  Which is more influential...Physical fitness or mental health?  How do the two relate to each other? What happens when an organization places as much emphasis on physical fitness as they do on mental health?  

This episode of the Growth Collective Podcast features Chris Macklin, the wellness manager from SouthMetro, a fire and rescue organization outside Denver, CO. Chris leads the Peer Support Program which is focused on providing a safe and supportive workplace where members are free to express and normalize their reactions and experiences so they may seek help without fear.  

Chris believe it’s best to “always leave it better than you found it, for the greater good.” That is what the Growth Collective podcast is all about and this episode provides a special look into the steps any organization can take to build resilience among their workforce by helping them carry less trauma and “baggage” in their daily lives.

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