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The Growth Collective

Nov 2, 2021

Scribe Media believes company culture is the operating system for their organization.  They so strongly believe in the concept of intentional culture, they created an open-access, living document call the Scribe Culture Bible that lays out what they believe, why they believe it and how they live by it.  From there the values are baked into their DNA and everything they do. 

My guest for this episode is author and Scribe Media CEO, JeVon McCormick.  JeVon understands well the power of words and actions and strives daily to lead an organization that stands by its words and with careful awareness uses words them to foster a culture of transparency, compassion and openness.  

Listen in to hear JeVon share his journey from poverty to joyful CEO, the steps he has taken to nurture a culture that thrived through the pandemic, his advice for rethinking how we think about the opportunity leaders have in organizations to support growth and the need to change the way we speak about the way we do business.  

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